Wigs can be more than just a replacement for lost hair.  You can use wigs in ways that create a new personality style for you or that augments your own unique personality.  Wigs can come in long wigs, short wigs, Afro wigs, ladies’ wigs and men’s wigs.  You can choose the style that is most exciting for you or that makes you look the most different or unique.  Sometimes you want to replace the hair you’ve lost, so you use a half wig or a wig that looks most like the hair you lost.  The sky’s the limit in ladies’ wigs so you can really select the wigs you want. 
If you have short hair, you can select long wigs in order to have a younger look or in order to get the feel of long hair that long wigs can give you.  You can feel the luxurious long hair, look great and take the long wigs off later that night.  You can’t sleep in human hair wigs or synthetic wigs because they can easily get tangled and are hard to brush out.  Whether you have short wigs or long wigs, you need to use plenty of conditioner and detangler on it so that it remains smooth and youthful-looking. 


Short wigs are easier to care for than long wigs and they tangle less.  They aren’t as exciting as long wigs or Afro wigs but they are nice for the older woman who wishes to look her age.  The colour palette is almost endless and you can get real hair wigs in almost any colour—to match the hair you’ve got or to go with a completely different look.  You shouldn’t dye human hair wigs because dying can damage the hair irreparably—washing it and conditioning it with a bit of detangler should be plenty.  If you have human hair wigs, you should be able to use a blow dryer or curling iron on the hair but be gentle as this hair isn’t as healthy as your own hair because it’s been removed from the head. 


Human hair wigs can be regular wigs or can be lace front wigs or full lace wigsLace front wigs are wigs in which the hair is attached along the front with lace.  The lace is bonded to the scalp and, with lace front wigs, the forehead and the front side of the wig looks really natural, as if the hair is coming up from the scalp.  The lace blends in with a lace front wig so that it matches your natural skin tone.  With full lace wigs, the wig has lace all the way around it and the wig is bonded all around the scalp so that you can put the hair up in a bun or in a pony tail without difficulty.  The difference between lace front wigs and full lace wigs is the amount of lace used on the wigLace front wigs and full lace wigs are more expensive that a regular real hair wigs and must be bonded to look realistic. The bonding comes in a tube or as a tape that is stretched along the lace. 

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